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Language services

zappmedia offers a comprehensive array of language services, including translation, localization, typesetting and editing. We can work with any language pair in any text format or software application. Please select one of our language services below to find out more.


Translation is a matter of trust. Our clients have trusted us for years to translate with a thorough understanding of project style, objectives, audience and terminology – and so can you.

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Multilingual translations are completed by a team of language specialists led by a project manager and comprised of several translators and proofreaders.

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zappmedia has the expertise to localize date and time formatting, measurements and currency, location conventions for the web, buttons and pictures, layout, sorting and searching, and coding issues that arise when complex fonts are used.

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We can help you perfect and polish your project with our expert editing services. We have the linguists and resources to check every aspect of a text, from grammar to style, consistency to organization.

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zappmedia can take care of all your desktop publishing needs as well, laying out text and images in any language and format. Desktop publishing is available for documents, newspaper and magazine ads, advertising collateral, packaging, manuals, business cards and more.

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Calls to our office are toll free.
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ISO – Quality and data security

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001, our
information security system is conform to ISO 27001.

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Our prices are highly competitive with respect to the market standard.

We base a project's cost calculation on the number of words contained in the source text. Other factors that influence project cost are the language combination, degree of difficulty and volume of the text, and the expected delivery date.

Turnaround time

As a rule, zappmedia completes low-volume translation projects
within 24–48 hours.

Larger projects with tight deadlines are carried out by translation teams, which are typically comprised of a project leader and several translators and proofreaders.

Data transmission

Data transfers to our online translation management system (OTM) are SSL encrypted.


Product quality is assured through translation to DIN standard. zappmedia is certified to ISO 9001.


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Clients of zappmedia include many familiar global business leaders:

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