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OTM Feature List

OTM makes the translation process easier for veryone, and ensures consistency, dependability and security by managing…

Customer Inquiries

and assigning them to project managers;

Quotes & Orders

in terms of creation, revision and acceptance;

Translator Selection

by skill profile and experience;

Job Processing & Tracking,

with communication and file transfer through a
256-bit SSL encrypted connection, and communication with the project manager stored in clearly organized threads for easy reference;

Project Delivery,

with completed projects made instantly available for download from your completely secure zappmedia customer page.

Online Translation Manager [OTM®]

Your real-time interface with zappmedia



We operate the Online Translation manager (OTM) in order to empower you, the customer, with a direct and reliable connection to your zappmedia projects.


Using OTM, you can place orders and track their progress online. OTM shows you when an order was purchased, confirmed, translated, proofread, verified, finished and made available for download. It also stores similar archived information for completed projects.

OTM is dependable, storing all the information relevant to a project in a centralized database where it can be reached at any time, anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, OTM makes it possible to place an order, track your project's progress and browse any project-related communication in coherent threads.

OTM is secure, protecting data transfer and communication through 256-bit SSL encryption. Finished projects are downloaded directly from the OTM database, providing you with maximum security at all times.

OTM makes zappmedia fast and efficient. With files and e-mail threads spread out over dozens of computers, it is no wonder that some agencies miss deadlines or botch corrections.

OTM brings ultimate organization to the entire translation process, making zappmedia excel every step of the way and uniformly ensuring quality in project after project.


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