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Translation in general

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Language is a powerful tool. In selecting a translation company, you are deciding how the message, contents and tone of your project are communicated to the world.

We at zappmedia understand the importance of this selection. We pride ourselves on being set apart from other agencies in terms of our intense focus on the translator-project match, our quality control and online translation management software OTM, and our areas of expertise.

Translation is a matter of trust. Our clients have trusted us for years to translate with a thorough understanding of project style, objectives, audience and terminology – and so can you.

See what we mean today by getting a free quote or contacting us with your project's specifications.



Multilingual translation

zappmedia can provide translation into multiple languages in parallel. For more on this, please see our page on multilingual translation.

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Translator selection and expertise

At zappmedia, we have years of experience in translation and localization. We have found that one of the most vital aspects of a project is choosing the right translator.

We focus intensely on carefully selecting a translator with the proper experience and background, as well as a good grasp of any relevant terminology.

Our translators are also, naturally, native speakers of the respective target language.

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Project management

Every zappmedia project, regardless of size, is given a project manager who is responsible for understanding and managing each nuance and detail. Project managers are available every step of the way to answer questions and make sure the project meets both expectations and deadlines.

We are also proud to provide the customized online translation management (OTM) for every client. OTM creates a real-time interface between your company and ours, allowing you to place and track orders online.

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Quality control

Our in-house quality control and high standards assure that the product is ideal. The project manager checks that translations meet layout and language requirements. Additionally, a third linguist edits the translation, checking style, terminology and consistency.

We work to German ISO and DIN standards and provide notarized translations upon request.

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ISO – Quality and data security

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001, our
information security system is conform to ISO 27001.

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Our prices are highly competitive with respect to the market standard.

We base a project's cost calculation on the number of words contained in the source text. Other factors that influence project cost are the language combination, degree of difficulty and volume of the text, and the expected delivery date.

Turnaround time

As a rule, zappmedia completes low-volume translation projects
within 24–48 hours.

Larger projects with tight deadlines are carried out by translation teams, which are typically comprised of a project leader and several translators and proofreaders.

Data transmission

Data transfers to our online translation management system (OTM) are SSL encrypted.


Product quality is assured through translation to DIN standard. zappmedia is certified to ISO 9001.


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Clients of zappmedia include many familiar global business leaders:

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